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>2PM answers cute questions from kids through Dispatch News!

30 May


2PM answers cute questions from kids through Dispatch News!

2PM was recently interviewed by a group of elementary school kids through Dispatch News.

The members smiled sincerely throughout the entire interview, and even cracked up from the cute questions.

Check out some of the more interesting questions and answers from the video!


<2PM-oppas, what do you do at 2 o’clock? At 2 PM I go to taekwondo class?>

Junho: We do our schedules at 2 o’clock.

<2PM-oppas, why do you wear makeup?>

Chansung: In order to show a better image of ourselves to you all. We can’t not wear makeup.

<My uncle didn’t want to enlist in the military but Taecyeon-oppa, why are you trying to go to join the military?>

Taecyeon: I’m trying to go because I feel that there are several responsibilities for men. I think one of them is serving in the military, so that’s why I’m trying to join.

<Nichkhun-hyung, out of all the foods that Victoria made for you, what was the most delicious?>

Junho: The nine-dish table.

Nichkhun: Oh, that was really tasty. The pad thai was daebak (awesome) too.

<Jason-oppa, are you closer to Pilsook-unni or Hyemi-unni?>

Wooyoung: I’m close with both.

>Wonder Girls’ Yenny celebrates birthday

30 May


Wonder Girls’ Yenny celebrates birthday

Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun, a.k.a. Yenny, celebrated her 23rd birthday.

On May 26th, officials from Yenny’s agency uploaded a picture through her Twitter, tweeting, “Wonder Girls’ Park Ye Eun’s birthday party! We are eating a delicious dinner and having a great time.”

In the picture, Yenny is sporting a bright smile and making ‘victory’ signs with her fingers while sitting behind her birthday cake.

Fellow singer Se7en and miss A’s Fei also left birthday messages on Yenny’s Twitter. Se7en wrote, “Happy birthday^^ happy bday Yenny!!! Hope u hva greattt day!!! holla,” while Fei tweeted, “Ye Eun, happy birthday! Happy Birthday! What are you going to do today? Come to Korea soon so we can play!”
Meanwhile, the Wonder Girls will attend the JYP concert in Japan this coming August.

>Wonder Girls’ Yenny poses with her birthday cake

27 May


Wonder Girls’ Yenny poses with her birthday cake

Wonder GirlsYenny recently celebrated her birthday with an awesome cake.

On May 27th, a picture of Yenny with the cake was uploaded onto the Wonder Girls’ official Twitter. Yenny’s birthday was on May 26th.

In the picture, Yenny seen beaming over the cake while she points out her sugar-likeness. The girls had the baker put an edible figure of Yenny playing the piano on the cake.

Netizens commented, “Happy birthday Yenny”, “Your smile seems really genuine”, “Please promote in Korea!“.

>miss A’s Jia and Fei visit a footspa

27 May


miss A’s Jia and Fei visit a footspa

miss A’s Jia and Fei recently paid a visit to a footspa.

On May 26th, Fei tweeted, “After completing our second ‘Any Place‘ photoshoot last week, we went to get a massage. Suzy, you couldn’t go last time. Let’s go together next time! P.S. Photo by Lee Min Young” and uploaded a cute photo.

The two members posed with their feet in the small ‘foot tub’ and cast matching victory signs. Fans gushed over Fei’s new wavy hairstyle, which drew comparisons to Kim Ah Joong’s.

Netizens commented, “You really look like Kim Ah Joong”, “I hope you have a comeback soon”, “Go with Suzy and Min next time“.

>miss A greets fans at a Lesmore fan signing in Busan

26 May


miss A greets fans at a Lesmore fan signing in Busan

Handling a busy schedule with the release of their new single album, “LOVE ALONE“, miss A still found time to greet their fans at the Lesmore fan signing in Busan on May 24th.

The shoe brand that they endorse held a special event for miss A’s fans, and many came out to meet them, showing their popularity. A new store opened in the local area and the fan signing was held to celebrate the occasion.

miss A put a lot of effort in signing an autograph for each fan and even taking some pictures with them, surely leaving the fans overjoyed with the experience.

>2AM’s Jinwoon is the real bagel man

26 May


2AM’s Jinwoon is the real bagel man

2AM’s Jinwoon revealed a cute picture of himself through his Twitter.

On May 25th, Jinwoon uploaded the picture along with the tweet, “This is the Jung Jinwoon who visited the office yesterday! With this ‘bagel man’ proof shot, 2AM official tweets begin again.”

In the picture, Jinwoon is wearing a pair of sunglasses with an actual bagel in his mouth. Viewers were drawn to his small face, which was completely covered by his sunglasses and bagel.

Netizens stated, “This is the real bagel man”, “The size of your face is about the same as the bagel”, and “Show us your face!”

>miss A’s Suzy & Min take a selca together + Min surrounded by flowers?

25 May


miss A’s Suzy & Min take a selca together + Min surrounded by flowers?

miss A’s Suzy recently revealed a cute selca that she took with fellow member Min.
On May 23rd, Suzy tweeted,

Let’s take a lot of pictures together now MinSuz MinSuz SuzMin

In the photo, Suzy and Min are showing off their cute no-makeup faces, along with their close friendship.
Fans said, “I hope that your friendship lasts forever“, “Really cute“, and “The two of you are so pretty“.

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, Min posted a photo of herself in a flowerbed, saying,

Wonder when this was~~ Flower!! Pretty keke

Those who saw the photo commented, “Wow so pretty. The flowers and you“, “You’re so~ cute~ !“, and “Wow beautiful flower ♥ and beautiful Min :)

>Which are the most loved K- POP songs in Youtube?

25 May

>Which are the most loved K- POP songs in Youtube?

The number of views that the K-POP songs at Youtube has been surveyed and the songs which has received the most love is Wonder Girls’ ‘Nobody’. The video was uploaded in November, 2008 and it has already reached over 50,000,000 views.

2NE1, 2PM, Big Bang, Shinee, SNSD, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, all 7 groups contribute to the TOP 20 songs. 2NE1 and SNSD each has 5 songs on the chart while Super Junior has 4. The followings are Shinee who has 3 songs, BIGBANG has 2 and G- Dragon has 1. JYP, SME and YGE are whom all these groups belong to.

All the songs which have entered the TOP 20 are the dance music of the idol groups. It suggests that the combination of K-POP idol and dancing music are well received by the world. ‘Big Bang and 2NE1 ‘s ‘Lollipop’ and ‘Cabi Song’ of SNSD and 2PM have attracted so many views already.

It is said that the popularity of the videos have been raised for the agencies have made separate channels for their artists. The number of the subscribers for these 3 companies has reached 800,000 and it has accumulated a record of over 700,000,000. The scholars who anaylzed Pop Music said, ‘ the K-POP idol craze has been helping them to promote. They are very popular in North America and Europe with the good accessibility of the Internet . He further explained, ‘the opening of these channels has kept helping them for their new promotions and the channels can also help releasing the on-going process of the works they are doing.’

>2PM, Debut Single Sells Most of Any Korean Group in First Week With 59,000 Copies

24 May

>2PM, Debut Single Sells Most of Any Korean Group in First Week With 59,000 Copies

Originating from Korea, 6-member male dance group 2PM’s Japan debut single “Take off” (released May 18) has made it’s first entrance on the May 30 Oricon Weekly Single Chart at 4th place. 59,000 copies were sold in the first week, exceeding the 45,000 copies 9-member girl group SNSD sold for their Japan debut single “GENIE” (released September of last year) in its first week, thus recording the highest amount sold in the first week for any Korean group’s debut single ever (excluding units, etc, derived from groups).

Called “Beast Idols” in Korea with their disciplined physical beauty and powerful, dynamic performances, 2PM is a 6-member group comprised of Taecyeon (22), Nichkhun (22), Wooyoung (22), Junho (21), Junsu (23), and Chansung (21). The release of their Japan debut DVD ‘Hottest~2PM 1st MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION & The History~’ in November last year recorded the highest ranking of any Korean male group debut DVD at 4th place.

Source: Oricon

>40,000 fans attend 2PM’s first Japanese high five event!

23 May


40,000 fans attend 2PM’s first Japanese high five event!

2PM posing proudly as their careers take off in Japan

Via tokyohive:

On the 21st, “Beastly Idols2PM held their first high five event at Pacifico Yokohama in Kanagawa in commemoration of their debut single “Take off” where more than 40,000 fans were in attendance! The line in front of the venue stretched for 2 kilometers (~1.24 miles). Taecyeon happily commented, “I’m really surprised at all the fans that came to see us”. The group high-fived each fan from beginning to end without showing signs of fatigue.

The First Press Limited Edition Type A and B as well as the regular edition of “Take off” each contained one random “High Five Event! Special Photocard” (7 in all). Those who had one of the solo cards (6 possible cards) got to high give the member featured on that card.

Taecyeon expressed his desires for their Japanese debut single “Take off”, released on May 18th, “It really means a lot to us to be able to debut in Japan. Definitely support our single “Take off”.”

Chansung enthusiastically commented about their catchphrase “Beastly Idols”, “This is a great honor. Rather than just the Beastly Idol image, we believe we can show a variety of images to everyone in the future”.

A few days ago, the group held their first nationwide tour “2PM 1st JAPAN TOUR 2011 “Take off””. Due to the overwhelming response from fans, the group added an additional performance at the Makuhari Messe Event Hall in Chiba. Junho happily said, “I felt really moved that we were able to add another performance thanks to all of our fans”. Chansung then chimed in calmly, “I’m really happy that the Japanese food I ate during this tour was really delicious”.

Moreover, the group was asked which Japanese word/phrase they’ve remembered lately. Taecyeon said, “killing two birds with one stone”, Nickhun said, “I’m happy thanks to all of you”, Wooyoung said, “Stylish”, Junho said, “Fluffy”, Junsu said, “Chuutoro (medium-fatty tuna). Not ootoro (quality tuna), but chuutoro.” and Chansung finished up with, “comfortably”. Each of their responses caused the venue to really liven up.

In addition, the group will be making an appearance at “JYP NATION in Japan 2011” at Saitama Super Arena on August 17th and 18th.


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