f(x)’s Krystal delivers a magical performance on ‘Kiss & Cry’

7 Aug

f(x)’s Krystal delivers a magical performance on ‘Kiss & Cry’

On August 7th, Krystal and her partner amazed the crowd with their sparkling performance on SBS’s “Kiss & Cry“!

The two danced to an OST track from the widely-loved animated film, “Howl’s Moving Castle“. Krystal demonstrated her improved abilities by looking poised during her line skating, and she also completed a rotation lift while holding a cane that shot sparks – a reference to the film’s motifs of magic, stars, and the main character’s prop. The stunts received a lot of praise from both the judges and the audience.

Marvelling at how the two managed to complete their dangerous stunt, judge Kim Jang Hoon asked, “The part with the fireworks looked dangerous, were there any incidents?“. Krystal responded, “The sparks almost landed on my partner, but he avoided it.” Her partner, Lee Dong Hun, smiled along with the audience.

Krystal and Lee Dong Hun received the highest score on the show thus far with 38.5, leading her to exclaim, “How did we receive a score like this?”.

Meanwhile, Krystal, Son Dambi, Kim Byung Man, and Lee Kyu Hyuk managed to advance into the ‘Grand Prix Final Competition”. TVXQ’s Yunho had withdrawn from the program earlier this week due to his overwhelming schedule.


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