Nine Muses’ Sera reveals her ability to play the piano

9 Aug

Nine Muses’ Sera reveals her ability to play the piano

Recently, Nine Muses member Sera showed off her ability to play guitar during the Jisan Valley Rock Festival. She continues to impress with her musical talents, thanks to a new video.

Star Empire recently revealed a practice video of Sera playing the piano through the Nine Muses’ personal YouTube channel. In the video, Sera is seen playing As One’s ‘Want and Complain‘ on the piano and also singing along to the song.

Fans reacted with,”Nine Muses can sing this well? I can’t wait for the next album“, “Guitar and now piano…what can they not do?“, and “She’s not a model doll, but a performer doll“.

Nine Muses’ official representative stated, “Sera has the habit of filming and monitoring her practice, usually with her cellphone, to check on small mistakes she cannot notice. We have gathered a lot of her practice videos for a long time, and we decided to share one with fans who have waited a long time.

Check out Sera’s piano-playing talents below!


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