Woori almost became a member of the Wonder Girls

9 Aug

Woori almost became a member of the Wonder Girls

Model/actress Woori recently sat down for an interview with Ilgan Sports and revealed that she had actually had the chance to become a member of the Wonder Girls.

Woori began, “I signed with an agency when I was 13 years old and worked as a model. Even after I got contracted, however, I often received casting offers in the streets. In 2007, I was offered to join the Wonder Girls. I would have taken the place of HyunA-ssi because it was after she had withdrawn.”

She continued, “At the time, I was taking lessons in acting, dancing, and singing. I wanted to pursue acting more than singing, so I rejected the offer. I’m honestly not that great at singing so I think I made the right choice by choosing to be an actress.”

When asked about her future plans, she revealed, “I’m currently planning to advance into Japan. I’ve been learning Japanese since my sixth year of elementary school and have a level three license in the language. After ‘Heartstrings‘ comes to an end, I’ll be focusing entirely on my Japanese studies. I’ll also be continuing my acting lessons because I want to be acknowledged as a great actress. I’ll always be working to improve myself, so please continue watching over me.”

Source + Photos: Ilgan Sports via Nate


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