MBC’s ‘Heartstrings’ will air 15 episodes instead of 16

10 Aug

MBC’s ‘Heartstrings’ will air 15 episodes instead of 16

MBC has decided that the number of episodes for its teenage melodrama ‘Heartstrings‘, starring Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye, will be pared down to 15 episodes instead of the scheduled 16.

Because of Park Shin Hye’s car accident, filming had to be postponed while she was hospitalized for treatment. Consequently, the cast and crew didn’t have enough time to shoot sufficient material, which resulted in a special montage of clips being broadcast in the place of episode 8, thus pushing back all of the remaining episodes by a day.

Instead of lengthening ‘Heartstrings’ by one day, which would’ve caused significant troubles for its follow-up drama, ‘Can’t Live Without Losing‘, MBC has decided that it would cut an episode instead, thereby allowing everything to progress as scheduled.

Meanwhile, ‘Heartstrings’ has been struggling with one-digit ratings, notwithstanding its name-value cast and directing by PD Pyo Min Soo, who also directed the hit ‘Full House‘.
Source: TVReport via Naver


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