When will Brown Eyed Girls make their comeback?

10 Aug

When will Brown Eyed Girls make their comeback?

When will Brown Eyed Girls, one of the best girl groups, make their comeback?

Brown Eyed Girls made their song ‘Abracatabra’ to be hit in 2009, and they are not releasing other songs after for 2 years. There were the rumors about their comeback, but they didn’t release their new album. They have been making their new album since last year.

Brown Eyed Girls has a great singing ability and performs unconventional dance moves. It is unusual for K-pop singers not releasing new songs for 2 years.
However, Brown Eyed Girls will make their comeback this Fall. They are now recording their songs and the members are concentrating on making the album. An official said, “They are recording songs and choosing their title track.”

In this Fall, lots of girl groups will make their comeback, including, Brown Eyed Girls, SNSD, and KARA. In additiong, Wonder Girls are preparing their new album too.


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