Drunken man disrupts ZE:A’s stage mid-performance

12 Aug

Drunken man disrupts ZE:A’s stage mid-performance

ZE:A recently experienced an alarming stage incident that had netizens once again criticizing the lack of security around performers.

On August 8th, the members of ZE:A were performing “Heart For 2” at the World Cultural Expo in Kyungju, when a drunken audience member suddenly burst onto the stage.

The video clip recorded the drunkard going on stage during the performance, stealing Kevin’s microphone before he tried to take Dongjun’s. He was quickly restrained by security personnel, and ZE:A managed to complete their performance.

A representative from Star Empire stated, “A drunken audience member suddenly went on stage during the performance. It could’ve been a dangerous situation but it ended well without any injuries.

The members first thought the man was a staff member and laughed it off. It was just an accident.
Due to other events involving lax security, such as Taeyeon’s kidnapping incident and INFINITE’s recent stage disruption, netizens expressed their concern for ZE:A. They commented, “It was a dangerous situation” and “The audience seems to be been losing their respect and conscience lately.

Check out the interruption below:


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