MBLAQ explains why they turned down love calls from dramas and musicals

12 Aug

MBLAQ explains why they turned down love calls from dramas and musicals

These days, it seems that idols are taking on every project available, from singing to acting, to variety shows and musicals. But the MBLAQ members are unique, in that they’ve actually been turning down offers for dramas and musicals in order to better focus on their group.

Speaking with OSEN, a representative from their company explained that member Lee Joon received many love calls for dramas but his company turned them all down. Meanwhile, G.O. was also courted for casting in musicals, but the company turned those down as well.

The representative said, “Since the members each have their own unique qualities, various projects have offered the members many roles. However, in the second half of this year, MBLAQ had such a busy schedule that we had to turn down those offers.”

MBLAQ had to not only prepare their “Mona Lisa” comeback, but for a full-fledged solo concert as well. On August 20th, the boys will hold their first concert in Seoul, where they’ll be presenting both group stages and solo performances. Later on, they will release another song before diving into Japanese promotions. MBLAQ is shooting for the #1 spot in both Korean music charts and even on Japan’s Oricon weekly chart, and to do so, they have to throw in 100% behind their efforts.

Additionally, it’s been revealed that the members also want to pursue solo activities starting next year.

But the representative said that right now, everyone’s focused on delivering the best results possible for their group efforts. “The number of MBLAQ fans is increasing and the response to their stage performances has been very positive. It seems right to concentrate on their group activities for now.”


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