Unedited teaser photo of Nine Muses’ Erin gets leaked

12 Aug

Unedited teaser photo of Nine Muses’ Erin gets leaked

On August 10th, a concept photo featuring Nine Muses’ Erin was pre-maturely leaked on a Chinese portal site named Baidu, causing some distress for her label, Star Empire Entertainment.

The photo snapped Erin in a see-through blouse and a white bikini, which on its own is raising some eyebrows for its sexy look. But the most surprising aspect about the picture is that it hasn’t gone through any editing. Representatives said, “We really paid attention to showing the girls’ physical and musical growth. We’re upset that the first teaser has already been leaked just after their teaser was released.”

They continued, “The leaked picture has not gone through any editing. We wanted to show you a better image, but unfortunately this turnout of events revealed it first. Erin is the most glamorous member of the group, so she took on a more provocative concept, which worries us greatly – especially since it’s not edited. We know that it was leaked through a Chinese site, but we’re trying to figure out the finer details. We will make sure that the rest of the pictures aren’t leaked.”

Concluding, they added, “We will make sure that it doesn’t happen again. We apologize to our fans for concerning them with this issue, but please continue to show your interest in Nine Muses’ return.”

Nine Muses will be releasing their second teaser on August 16th, followed by the official release on the 18th before they begin their comeback promotions.

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Nate


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