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>2PM shares backstage photos from their first “Hands Up” comeback

30 Jun


2PM shares backstage photos from their first “Hands Up” comeback

2PM is definitely heating up the summer with their “Hands Up” comeback. Affectionately nicknamed the 2011 version of their debut track, “10 Points out of 10“, the song is both powerful and sexy and puts 2PM’s charms into full bloom. With their comeback, they’ve swallowed up the charts both online and offline, and they’re now ready to conquer the rest of the summer, and possibly the year.
2PM recently shared fun backstage photos of their comeback, so check it out below!

“Hello, this is 2PM. We’ve returned with a fun dance track titled ‘Hands Up’. It’s starting to get really hot, so we purposely chose a powerful, passionate track that will help you better enjoy your summer. We’ve been waiting to meet all of you again while spending nights practicing our choreography. Thank you so much for the love you’ve been sending us since our album release. We would like to invite you to the waiting room of our first broadcast performance on June 24th.”

1. Wooyoung hyung, thank you or your autographed CD!” Taecyeon and Wooyoung are joking around with each other, which is something they do often backstage. Nichkhun is pretending to play along from the back. After signing CDs all day, the boys decide to play a fun joke to help ease the fatigue.

2. Doesn’t Taecyeon look tough even while enjoying the breeze of a fan? Nichkhun stands behind him in an attempt to catch some of the breeze.

3. There’s a lot of clothes, right? These are our clothes and make up tools in our waiting room. The clothes at the top are suits for ‘Like A Movie’ while the ones on the bottom are for “Hands Up”.

4. Did Wooyoung do something wrong? Nichkhun seems to look angry while Wooyoung is side-eyeing him.

5. Chansung looks tired from having to autograph all of those albums. He could sign hundreds of those a day and it would still not be enough. The pile next to him must be autographed by all of 2PM.

6. June 24th was 2PM’s comeback day, as well as Nichkhun’s birthday. Our fans made a special birthday cake that’s the only one in the entire world. Thank you, everyone~.

7. The person with the V sign is Junsu. He looks tired, right? He’s currently filming for KBS’s ‘Immortal Song 2′ so he barely gets any sleep and has lost a lot of weight.

8. Junho’s big feet! He’s trying on a staff’s bag that’s in the shape of a shoe. Cool, right?
Source: IS Plus


>2PM members claim they don’t have a lot of clubbing experience

30 Jun


2PM members claim they don’t have a lot of clubbing experience

On June 27th, 2PM guested on KBS 2TV’s ‘Talk Show Hello‘ and sincerely shared their thoughts on the topic of  ‘2os! Break the Youth‘.

The boys revealed, “We don’t have time to go to the club because of our busy schedules.” 

With the background of the studio set as a club, 2PM members were asked about their clubbing experience. MC Shin Dong Yup asked Junho, “Do you sometimes go to the club with your friends?” Junho answered, “We only go once in a while with J.Y. Park hyung.” 

Taecyeon was then asked, “Since you are in your 20s, don’t you hang out with friends a lot?”, to which he replied, “Because we have such a heavy schedule, we don’t have any time. When we don’t have a schedule, we have to sleep.” 
During the recording, 2PM performed their new song, “Hands Up“, along with a dance parade of all their past hits, including “10 Out of 10“, “Again & Again“, “Heartbeat“, “Without U“, and “I’ll be Back“, all of which received a great reaction from the studio.

>JOO has dinner with Wonder Girls members Sunye and Yenny

29 Jun


JOO has dinner with Wonder Girls members Sunye and Yenny

Via twitter, JOO recently posted a picture where she’s enjoying dinner at a restaurant with Wonder Girls members Sunye and Yenny . Along with the photo, she also wrote: “A picture!! Keke. Hey.. Why are the prettily dressed unnies gathered over there >_<~~~”

JOO looks very cute with her bow while Yenny and Sunye pose happily with peace signs, showing off the JYP family love.

>Wonder Girls to perform at the closing ceremony for the Special Olympics in Athens

28 Jun


Wonder Girls to perform at the closing ceremony for the Special Olympics in Athens

The Wonder Girls have been invited to represent Korea at the 2011 Special Olympics closing ceremony in Athens!

A representative of JYP Entertainment revealed, “The Wonder Girls have been invited to attend the closing ceremony of the Special Olympics in Athens, Greece on July 4th. They’ll be heading off on June 30th to embark on a congratulatory performance as Korea’s representatives, in addition to performing at the closing ceremony.” “

The Wonder Girls will be performing their hit tracks, “Tell Me” and “Nobody“. For their closing ceremony, they’ll be expressing the beauty of Korea with a performance of “Arirang“.

The girls said, “We’re both grateful and happy that we can be a part of such a meaningful event. We hope that people will feel joy with our songs and feel closer to Korea with our ‘Arirang’. We will do our best to present the best stage possible.”

After their performances in Athens, the girls will be returning to the States to prepare for their album.

>J.Y. Park reveals Sohee’s hand in creating 2PM’s “Hands Up”

27 Jun


J.Y. Park reveals Sohee’s hand in creating 2PM’s “Hands Up”

As many fans know, 2PM’s club track “Hands Up” owes its vibe to its bright synth loops and addictive melody, brightened with the addition of a cute adlib by none other than the Wonder GirlsSohee two minutes into the song. Today, J.Y. Park revealed that Sohee contributed more than just her voice for the production of this track.

On his me2day and Twitter, the producer revealed, “The Wonder Girls’ Sohee fixed the melody of 2PM’s “Hands Up”. If she hadn’t done so, the song would’ve been different. This is why it says, “advised by Ahn Sohee,” in 2PM’s album. Miss Sensible, please continue your constructive advice~^^

Netizens commented, “I wonder what kind of changes were made to the melody,” “Sohee is a quiet force,”  ”She must have exceptional talent,”  and, “I want to hear addictive songs by the Wonder Girls too!

In related news, Sohee turns 19 (20 in Korean years) today — happy birthday to her!

>Wonder Girls win award at China Wireless Music Award + performance

26 Jun


Wonder Girls win award at China Wireless Music Award + performance

The lovely ladies of the Wonder Girls were in attendance for the 5th annual “China Wireless Music Award” in Beijing, China.

With a total of 5,371,903 digital downloads in 2010, the Wonder Girls won the award for having the highest digital sales for a foreign artist.

In addition, they performed their hit tracks ‘2 Different Tears‘ and ‘Nobody.’ Congratulations to the Wonder Girls for this achievement!

>Heechul and J.Y. Park have dinner together

25 Jun


Heechul and J.Y. Park have dinner together

On June 24th, Super Junior’s Heechul tweeted this along with the above photo,

We three guys came together for a drink, along with roses.. and candles.. making me feel a bit bitter.. I’m here with Park Jin Young of JYP, the agency in my mind.. The person in my mind is someone else, but I keep on meeting Jin Young hyung instead…

In the photo that was shared, the two can be seen posing at a table with roses, wine, and candles, creating a romantic atmosphere. Some people speculate that the person in Heechul’s mind is none other than Wonder Girls member Sohee.

Fans commented, “Candle light dinner? So romantic!“, and “It looks like you guys are on a date“.

Source + Photo: Heechul’s Twitter